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New Arrivals:

WeiB Schwarz Booster: Da Capo D.S. -Dal Segno- & D.C. III With You (Full Box)


Cardfight!! Vanguard G Trial Deck: VGE-G-TD09: True Zodiac Time Beasts (English)


Cardfight!! Vanguard G Clan Booster: CB04: Gear of Fate (Full Box) (English)


Splatoon Trading Figures: Sticker Wafer


Tales of Friends Trading Figures: Yura-Yura Charm Collection Vol.2


Diabolik Lovers Trading Figures: Fortune Connect Charm SUMMER ver.


Luck & Logic Booster: BT03: Spirit & Signal (English Edition) (Full Box)


Luck & Logic Booster: BT04: Aid & Arms (Full Box)


Love Live! School Idol Collection: Aqours Trial Set


Love Live! School Idol Collection: Vol.04 (Full Box)


FREE! Trading Figures: Cushion Badge


Kuroko's Basketball Trading Figures: Chara Fortune


Recent Restocks:

Bushiroad Sleeve Collection: HG Sleeve Protector: Clear Protector


WeiB Schwarz Trial Deck: Fairy Tail ver.E (English)


WeiB Schwarz Booster: Sword Art Online (Full Box) (English)


Top Sellers:

Love Live! Notebook: School Note: Ayase Eri Ver.2

Seraph of the End Gashapon: Deformed Mini Mascots

WeiB Schwarz Booster: Puyo Puyo (Full Box)

Cardfight!! Vanguard G Technical Booster: TCB01: The Reckless Rampage (English)

WeiB Schwarz Booster: Love Live! DX (Full Box) (English)

Tales of Series Trading Figures: Trading Multi Cloth Vol.1