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Family Game DVD

Family Game DVD
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Having led a sheltered and pampered life at home, Shigeyuki Numata has been the underachieving, troubled teen slacker in his somewhat dysfunctional family, but he's about to get severely schooled when Yoshimoto, a hard-nosed tutor with his own unique brand of hands-on teaching, crashes into his life. With a renewed sense of purpose, Shigeyuki gets accepted into a reputable school, but Yoshimoto's job is not done yet, as he has one final shocking lesson to impart on the family that will tear everything apart!

A remarkably stinging, dark satire that focuses on the social pressures of a traditional Japanese family, as well as its gradual disintegration, "Family Game" by Japanese veteran director Yoshimitsu Morita has garnered numerous awards and critical acclaim.

106 minutes
Audio: Japanese
Subtitles: English

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