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Fantastic Children Soundtrack: A Gift from Greecia OST

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Ghost In the Shell 2 Soundtrack: Innocence OST
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Be prepared to enter a world where life doesn't end when you die. A world as beautiful as it is mysterious, a world filled with horrors and the fantastic. Be prepared to be whisked away to the incredible world of Greecia with the incredible soundtrack produced by famed composer Koji Ueno. With 27 captivating tracks which will certainly fill you with wonder and peace, you may never want to leave the land of the Fantastic Children.

Track Listing:

  1. Voyage (Cello Version)
  2. Enma
  3. The Children of Befort
  4. Wonder
  5. Thoma
  6. Helga
  7. Lonely Heart
  8. Dumas
  9. Gherta
  10. Helga's Former Life
  11. Empire of Water and Green
  12. Soran and Sess
  13. Beloved Tina
  14. Georca
  15. Despair
  16. Ultimate Weapon
  17. Space-Time Distortion
  18. Helga (Cello Version)
  19. The Children of Béfort (Piano Solo)
  20. Family Bond
  21. Dumas's Wrath
  22. Battle
  23. Our Wonder
  24. Yearning
  25. The End
  26. Opening Theme: Voyage (TV Version) / inori
  27. Ending Theme: Mizu no Madoromi [Water's Rest] (Russian TV Version) / ORIGA

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