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New Arrivals:

WeiB Schwarz Trial Deck Plus: Steins Gate


WeiB Schwarz Booster: Steins Gate (Full Box)


Naruto Shippuden Figure: Grandista: Shinobi Relations: Hatake Kakashi


Gudetama Gashapon: Mascot Series 6


Ten Count Trading Figures: Acrylic Keychain Collection


Pop Team Epic Gashapon: Figure Mascot 2


Persona 5 Figure: Caroline


Bushiroad Deck Protector Sleeves: No Game No Life: Satsuriku Tenshi Jibril


Vocaloid Figure: Hatsune Miku 2nd Season Autumn Version


My Hero Academia Figure: POP Tsuyu


Bushiroad Deck Protector Mini-Sleeves: Cardfight!! Vanguard G: No Life King, Death Anchor


Magic Knights Rayearth Trading Figures: GraffArt Acrylic Keychain


Recent Restocks:

Kingdom Hearts Socks: Heartless Sublimated


Bushiroad Sleeve Collection: Mini Sleeve Protecter: Clear Protector


Legend of Zelda Lanyard: Shield


Top Sellers:

My Hero Academia Socks: 5-Pack Ankle

WeiB Schwarz Trial Deck Plus: No Game No Life

Yuri on Ice Gashapon: YuraYura Figure Mascot Vol.2: Victor

Bushiroad Deck Protector Mini-Sleeves: Cardfight!! Vanguard: Blaster Blade Part.2

Sailor Moon Figure: POP Sailor Uranus

Re:Zero Gashapon: Rem Rubber Strap: Kneeling