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Bottle Fairy Soundtrack: Four Seasons OST

Bottle Fairy Soundtrack: Four Seasons OST
MSRP: $14.99
Your Price: $13.99
This release includes a booklet with English-translated and romanized song lyrics.

Track Listing:
  1. Teach me, Teacher
  2. Spring in all its glory
  3. Ferris Wheel
  4. Kururu's Theme
  5. Spring Day
  6. Spring Song ~Kururu~
  7. At Midsummer
  8. White Flower
  9. Chiriri's Theme
  10. Summer Memory
  11. Summer ~Chiriri~
  12. Autumn is the season for sports
  13. The Moon is like a Marble
  14. Sarara's Theme
  15. On a Long Autumn Night
  16. Autumn Song ~Sarara~
  17. Winter Confinement
  18. The Sunset Train
  19. Hororo's Theme
  20. Happy New Year
  21. Winter Theme ~Hororo~
  22. Fairy Magic
  23. Kusachiho's Theme
  24. Four Seasons Song ~Bottle Fairy~

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