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Goodbye My Love DVD [CLEARANCE]

Goodbye My Love DVD
MSRP: $99.99
Your Price: $54.99
The gorgeous duo of An Jae Wook and Kim Hee Seon star in one of the best-loved Korean dramas ever, Goodbye My Love. Min Su (An Jae Wook, Star In My Heart) and Gi Tae (Jung Jun Ho, Marrying The Mafia) have been friends for years. Thirteen years ago, Min Su saved Gi Tae's life, and in return, Gi Tae hires Min Su to permanently keep his son out of trouble. Loyal to the last, Min Su dutifully looks over his friend, who is a reckless and rather spoilt playboy.

One night the two good-looking young men are out on the town and come across a couple of beautiful ladies. Yeon Ju (Kim Hee Seon, Bichunmoo) and Jung Ae (Lee Hae Young, First Love) are roommates and both work together too at a local factory. Eager to impress the girls, Gi Tae and his ever-loyal friend begin to tell a very tall tale to the girls, in the hope of impressing them. But little do they know that they will live to regret their lies.

Language: Korean
Subtitles: English
Region: 1
Discs/Episodes:16 episodes, 6 discs

This title is restricted to the United States and Canada.

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