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His and Her Circumstances Soundtrack: Act 2.0

Jubei-chan 2 Soundtrack: The Counterattack of Siberia Yagyu
MSRP: $14.99
Your Price: $13.99

Following up on the acclaimed music to "His and Her Circumstances," composer Shiro Sagisu delights fans of the popular series with this exceptional second soundtrack installment, delivering jazzy, delightful and tearful melodies worth replaying and paying attention to on every track. These richly textured piano and strings dominated instrumentals run the gamut from sad to whimsical to romantic, but always engaging. Among the 25 tracks for this CD are the TV size versions of the opening and closing themes, plus the song, S.O.S, performed by the original voice actresses.

Track Listing:

  1. Avan Title
  2. An Angel's Promise (TV size)
  3. Unopposed Advance
  4. Putting the Cart before the Horse (Slow)
  5. Absolute Jubilance
  6. Yukino Miyazawa IV (Piano)
  7. Into a Dream V (Strings)
  8. Yukino Miyazawa V (Slow)
  9. Yukino Miyazawa VI
  10. Groping in the Dark
  11. S.O.S (ON AIR version)
  12. Taking It Easy
  13. Into a Dream (#3)
  14. Yukino Miyazawa V (Nocturne for strings)
  15. Running about in Confusion
  16. Flying Clouds and Flowing Water
  17. Into a Dream IV
  18. Extreme Astonishment
  19. Sudden Change
  20. A Lonely Figure (Slow Serene)
  21. Man-monster Bem
  22. Yukino Miyazawa V (Nocturne for piano)
  23. Treasure Every Meeting (Slow)
  24. Clear Oneself of the Charge
  25. Into a Dream (TV size)

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