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Kiki's Delivery Service Chiyogami Paper

Kiki's Delivery Service Chiyogami Paper
Your Price: $7.00
From the hit Studio Ghibli film Kiki's Delivery Service. Japanese Chiyogami Paper, also known as Yuzen Paper in the United States, is a traditional Japanese decorative craft paper featuring particularly lively and elaborate design patterns.

Chiyogami paper was originally used in Japan during the Edo Period (1603-1868) to decorate tea tins and small paper boxes. It remains in popular use to this day by artists and is employed for a wide-range of decorative uses including book decoration, picture mats, box making, origami, framing, lampshade making etc.

The number of different Chiyogami design patterns is virtually infinite and continues to constantly expand through new designs by artists. Here, our item is a modern Japanese pop-culture take on the traditional craft, featuring 4 different designs of characters from the film in both urban and natural settings including Kiki and Jiji.

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