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LM.C CD: Gimmical Impact!!

LM.C CD: Gimmical Impact!!
MSRP: $13.99
Your Price: $12.99
2008 release from LM.C features the singles "Bell the CAT," "Sentimental PIGgy Romance," and "88." The USA release of this cd features the original Japanese CD booklet and cover art. This release also includes a sticker from the original Japanese release.

Track List
  1. Rainbow Magic Orchestra
  3. Bell the CAT
  4. Galileo
  5. JOKER -my name is-
  6. cosmology
  7. my girl
  8. Sentimental PIGgy Romance
  9. Room -C
  10. JOHN
  11. TABOO
  12. Z-MAN
  14. Love Me?
  15. 88

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