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My Neighbor Totoro Face Towel: Ghibli Imabari Gauze Series (Vegetable)

My Neighbor Totoro Face Towel: Ghibli Imabari Gauze Series (Vegetable)
Your Price: $16.00
A single-sided gauze towel made in Japan. Gauze side features a dye printed design of Totoro and summer vegetables. Reverse side is a soft cotton towel. 100% COTTON

These beautifully dyed cotton towels are made with the Imabari name attached to it. Imabari, Ehime has become the town recognized across the world for creating towels of the highest quality – from the softness of the towel to its water absorbency, and even to yarn handling and color dying, the creation process is handled with so much care and skill that the quality shines through every step of the way. Towels attached to the Imabari name are known for their softness attributed to the fresh, soft waters of the Sojagawa River – a water that’s so gentle to the yarns and dyes, bringing out the best qualities in the towels.


Craftmanship: Imabari, Ehime has been known as a towel manufacture town that has been producing towels for over 120 years. There are almost 200 factories that twist yarn, dye yarn, fabricate towels, etc. at this great production site. Every step of the process is held with such high standards to keep the consistency and the prestige of the name.

Softness: The cotton materials are soaked and washed with Sojagawa River – an underground water with very few impurities. This soft water can help to remove oil which would prevent the fabric to get hard after several uses. The gentleness of the water creates a softness in the yarn unlike any other.

Quality inspection: Each towel is put through the Five-Second Rule test as a standard for ensuring quality. This test checks the water absorbency of a towel by placing it on water and timing how long it takes to sink. Only towels that pass such standards can be branded as an Imabari towel.

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