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Onmyo-za CD: Kongo Kyuubi

Onmyo-za CD: Kongo Kyuubi
Your Price: $15.98
Latest release from legendary Japanese metal band Onmyo-za! USA Release contains complete 28-page Japanese booklet with photos and lyrics!

"Kongo Kyuubi" includes the previously released singles "Soukoku," Doukoku," and "Aoki Dokugan" plus the three-part mythology-based "Kumikyoku Kyuubi" suite (called a "masterpiece" by Keeping with the album's mythology theme, the jacket art features lead vocalist Kuroneko portraying the evil, nine-tailed fox spirit Tamamo-no-mae.

Track List
  1. Baku
  2. Aoki Dokugan
  3. Izayoi no Ame
  4. Kosode no Te
  5. Kuzaku Ninpocho
  6. Banka
  7. Soukoku
  8. Doukoku
  9. Kumikyoku 'Kyuubi' - Tamamonomae
  10. Kumikyoku 'Kyuubi' - Shoumakyou
  11. Kumikyoku 'Kyuubi' - Sesshouseki
  12. Kuraiau

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