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Rebirth: Rebirth For You Stardom Trial Deck Pre-Order

Rebirth: Rebirth For You Stardom Pre-Order Special

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This is a PRE-PAID LIMITED pre-order for the Rebirth For You: Stardom Trial Decks.

We are offering low pre-order prices on trial decks ordered before our deadline with the distributor.

All trial decks will be from the same display.  If you submit multiple orders please make a note in your later order so we can attempt to pull from the same carton.

By pre-paying during this period we guarantee your order to be stocked. The cards will be shipped to reach you on or shortly after release depending on when we receive them / how far away you are from our location / the type of shipping you choose.

Pre-order period for this item ends at 10 PM on Saturday, January 21st. Release date is March 26 2022. Pre-Orders cannot be cancelled.

Card set release date, details and images are subject to change before release as are number of cards/foils/signatures/etc in the set. Japanese text.