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WeiB Schwarz Premium Booster: RWBY English Edition (30 Box Carton Pre-Order)

WeiB Schwarz Premium Booster: RWBY English Edition
Your Price: $899.99
This item is currently out of stock. Contact us for availability.
This is a pre-paid limited pre-order for 30 booster boxes (1 carton) of RWBY Premium. If you order multiple cartons we will pull them from the same master carton when possible.

The cards will be shipped to reach you on or shortly after release depending on when we receive them / how far away you are from our location / the type of shipping you choose.

3 cards per individual booster, 6 boosters per box. English text.

Pre-order period for this item ends at 10 PM on Tuesday, February 20th. Release date is Friday, June 28, 2024. Pre-Orders cannot be cancelled.

Card set release date, details and images are subject to change before release as are number of cards/foils/signatures/etc in the set.

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